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Wookie still look handsome with just a simple yet oozing white shirt and a matching semi ripped pants. On his way to LIFE wrap up party with his co-stars. First 4 episodes will be aired with english subtitles on Aug 4 at 12am Pst. Wow wow wow!!! Are you all excited to see our Wookie? So abangan po natin sya sa May Happy Birthday, Da Hae! Another feat! We are proud and happy for yo

Handsome Actor Lee Dong-wook and His Family, Does He Have a Wife?

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. If Jang Hyuk and Dahae can reunited in 3 yrs, Chamo can do better, as what Wookie said, if they hv a chance they will work together again,. For their 3rd collaboration if any -their respective spouses better watch out,-unless both still single. I recall we discussed a lot about the dahae’s carrier bracelet in the past. Truly debatable who gave it to her. Many said it is a gift from YF, but I read somewhere by dahae’s Chinese fans said she wore it before the alleged affairs with FY.

Li Yi Feng Kinda Confirms Dating Lee Da Hae Who Broke His Heart. dong-​wook lee dong wook are among. dating podcast uk drunk dating lee da hae family.

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. Many people overseas know me through this drama; to me “My Girl” is a turning point in life, so maybe Taiwan fans know me too! In the past, Li Dongxu’s emotional world was quite mysterious and low-key. The two broke up due to a heavy working relationship. Yes, most old shippers knew DH and Wookie had been rumored together for so long.

In year up to , there always news about them dating, mostly came with hard evidences. Both denied it but happy with the rumors because they said people acknowledged the popularity of My Girl.

Moon Ga Young And Kim Dong Wook Experience Shift In Their Relationship In “Find Me In Your Memory”

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. Remember what happened 4 years ago, he got a good investor for his friend who just finished his military. That time the Jlow and the Thai partnership already a done deal. And bc of good performance he became one of the CEO.

Lee Dong-wook (Korean: 이동욱; Hanja: 李棟旭; born November 6, ) is a South Korean (), and revenge drama Hotel King (), in which he reunited with My Girl co-star Lee Da-hae. SoompiTV (), Lee Dong Wook – Best Supporting Actor | 13th Annual Soompi Awards, retrieved ​

Moon Ga Young And Ki While he has hyperthymesia, allowing him to remember every memory in detail, she has forgotten some of her most important memories as a psychological defense mechanism. Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App.

K-Stars Suzy and Lee Dong Wook just broke up, but which other celebs were linked with these two?

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. Bravo, Nancy, this is amazing, so neat and detail-TQ very much, we really appreciate it. Nacykimlee thanks for ur effort and time for making a thread for Donghae couple And u have choose some of the best pic of them. Now we can anytime talk abt this 2 here.

But here we are Do you believe that they didn’t get a couple award!!! Annya, shocking right?

image Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Hotel King, Like U, My to wait another 8 years to see them together, or dating/marriage news will be even better!*cr.

Everybody believed that those cheesy yet addicting romance scenes that made us all feel warm and fuzzy all over do come true in real life. But sad to say, that just might not be the case. At least for these two. In true Korean entertainment industry style, the breakup was announced via their respective agencies. Korean stars rarely talk about their love lives in interviews.

On July 2, however, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the two actors had ended their romantic relationship. Because they both had busy schedules, it was difficult for them to meet, and they naturally ended up going their separate ways. They naturally grew apart as they became busier. But who else were confirmed or rumored to have dated Suzy and Lee Dong Wook? Suzy was a member of a popular girl group called Miss A before they disbanded and focused on their individual careers.

But even before she ventured into dramas, Suzy was considered as the most popular member due to her many talents and stunning looks. They confirmed their dating status shortly after. Lee Dong Wook is considered as one of the top leading men in K-Dramas, having started his career as an extra in the year

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae Talks About Their Chemistry in “Hotel King”

By Annya , September 10, in shippers’ paradise. Little more abt se7en. Scroll down to reveal how it went down! Last month, the couple went on a romantic getaway in Bangkok, Thailand. The couple has been dating for a year, and they like to go on dates abroad, according to Dispatch.

Image. image Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Hotel King, Sweet Girls, My. Saved from *crosses fingers that we dont have to wait another 8 years to see them together, or dating/marriage news will be even better!*cr: Lee.

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. Both very secretive with their personal love life. Up to now not even 1 pic found in the web about them dating each other or other people. I don’t think many dare to say it openly. Like I said, if both are Ok and happy with open relationship,without any commitment, so up to them.

We are happy too, if they really interested with each other physical build, at least we know they always in each other arms well this is soompi, cannot say more than that lol. Exactly my thoughts,were thinking too much here regarding the show. Those answers are common thing to korean actors. I think we need to wait for yrs probably that time I’m not really into them kkk. Friends-Lovers topic. The hand under blanket thing till now i’m trying to figure out by re watching the video again and again.

Seems I can’t find wookie’s hand but a strange movement under the blanket whch connected on his arm. Dahae cover it by holding wookie’s arm. Someone said here before that those pic was deleted in DC.

Annual Soompi Awards

So Let’s start now! Haha, it is the second time for Li …. Posted on June 26, by ockoala. Seriously spazzing and falling off chairs and rubbing my eyes to make sure I read the news reports right.

Lee Dong Wook 이동욱 Global Fans at Soompi Lee Dong Wook, Prince Charming, Nice image Asian Actors, Korean Actors, Lee Da Hae, Lee Min Ho Kdrama, 8 years to see them together, or dating/marriage news will be even better!*cr.

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. Looks like this instant relationship is as instant as instant noodles. Actually I rub my eyes few times last night, that Huffington guy, Michelle Martin describes Cinderfella as Middle aged single man who wants a date after going out 2 or 3 times. His studies so spot on. That’s why I said that articles are so Wookie. Both of them must be thinking about one girl Jessica.

I like that quote too. Wookie, if only Hotel King was real lol. Then when she backed to Hotel King shooting, we saw the common law green ring wedding plus my signature pic below. I know they banned question like that but reporters has their own ways to ask about that topic. Yes, as expected, reporters asked if he is very happy now, he refused to reply on that questions.

As what netizen said, if you ready to be in public even in 1 min relationship, why shy about it. Even the tittle of the article said,where is the happy face.

Park Hae-jin

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. Recent love-making scene from drama looked surprisingly natural that their dating rumors surfaced once again. Couple that cannot be separated. DADA you should take off wookie’s suit!! We want to see wookie n dada together appear on running man in the same apisode!!

Lee dong wook lee da hae dating soompi, love this onscreen la. They shouldn’t servile each other after this north solo otherwise, Si could not.

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. The drama is slated for an early September premiere, and he was asked if it will be entirely pre-produced before it airs. He explained that once the show was done, he suddenly had a huge amount of work lined up such as advertisements and photo shoots. He went on to talk about his mindset as an actor. I have to know myself. Gong Yoo was one of those people.

Lee Dong-wook

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. As long as they can maintain their deep friendship no human being can stop them. Ruby lin and Wallace huo hv been in deep friendship for more than a decade, and at the end they realized both cannot be just friend forever. Actually until now, the K-media, if they hv a chance, they still ask any possibility abt them being together, bc since yr until now, it’s just like open secret.

Aug 6, – Lee Dong Wook 이동욱 Global Fans at Soompi [Congratulations for the Success of Goblin-도깨비 – Photos of our 1st food support on page

By Viki Admin , February 19, in shippers’ paradise. DH must be happy, she got a gang now. Maybe from the start it was really nothing. And about the new dating report, they already denied, well maybe both love their fans and their career. We used to see how much Philip loves this guy. Anyway as long as they don’t give lame and stupid excuses, then laughing at the back bc they thought people believe it..

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Lee Dong Wook

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook dating rumors have been spreading like wildfire due to their nonstop bromance. Now, new reports are claiming that the “Goblin” stars could possibly be reunited again in the “For My Dear” tour of the “My Girl” actor in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 20, According to the news outlet, the co-star of Gong Yoo in the hit series “Goblin” has decided to give back to fans who have been supporting him in his 18 years in the industry.

While no other details about his fan meet in Jakarta have been announced as of yet, rumors are rife that Gong Yoo is going to make another surprise appearance there. Avid followers of the “Goblin” stars can recall that the “Train to Busan” actor has surprised fans when he joined his close pal on his fan meet. As expected, the upcoming fan event of Lee Dong Wook in Jakarta will also be filled with fun and excitement as there will also be games and quizzes, which will be participated by the “Goblin” actor himself.

Okay petition for a kdrama in which Lee Dong Wook is a vampire because DAMN that Jung Jin Woon as budding chef Han Yeo Reum in “Marriage, not Dating” our food support on page – Page – actors & actresses – Soompi Forums. Lee Da HaeJae LeeJong HyukLee Jong SukAsian ActorsKorean Actors​Choi.

The couple was revealed to be in a relationship by South Korean media outlet Sports Chosun. Their friends and families are also well aware of their relationship and they have been sighted on dates by the public. As both of them have frequent schedules in countries like Thailand and Hong Kong, they meet up publicly when they are abroad. Thank you for loving our artist and we ask that you continue to look upon our artist warmly and support him.

We ask that you look upon their dating warmly and continue to be interested in their artist activities. Dispatch has also jumped on the bandwagon, releasing several photos of the couple allegedly on a date in a hotel in Thailand. The news outlet explained that the photos were taken around mid-August, and the couple also visited Macao together back in April. Saturday, August 22, Hype Malaysia.