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Staring back at each other, the everyday fetters of my four year old disappear as Fred Rogers welcomes him into the present moment, a land teeming with wonder, gratitude, and humanity. Technology can be both a great distraction from and invitation to the present moment. To truly unplug then, it is not necessary to drastically reduce technology use, but rather let go of our unhealthy dependence upon it. Tommies Unplugged is a UST wellness movement designed to help college students develop a more mindful relationship with technology in order to enhance personal growth and wellness for success in endeavors during school and after graduation. It is an initiative that highlights the distinction between technology use that is conducive to personal growth, health, and success, and technology use that is maladaptive. Tommies Unplugged strives to teach students how to use technology more mindfully; increasing productivity, individuality, communication, and other skills necessary for growth and creativity both during school and after graduation. The centerpiece of this movement is Tommies Unplugged Week , which takes place from Feb 21 st — 25 th.

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Dive deep into your personal practice with our series of expert-led topical workshops. Unplug, connect, and put your learnings to practice—all in one memorable day-long experience. Wellspring is Wanderlust’s premier wellness gathering, featuring thought-leaders, teachers and socially-conscious companies. For 3 days, get away to discover what will make you, and our world, well.

Mindfulness-based approaches are becoming more widely used for individuals at risk of suicidal behavior: in the treatment of CrossRef citations to date. 0.

Are you looking for the perfect no-technology, unplugged retreat? How about this beautiful mindful yoga detox retreat in Ireland! You will be doing select activities to bring you into the moment and reconnect to nature. It is the most purposeful venue to unplug from the digital world. This Gold Certified retreat is the perfect eco yoga retreat getaway in Ireland. Throughout this retreat, you will be practicing breathing, meditation and yoga, led by experienced instructor Marion Edler, who teaches the Satyananda Yoga system, based on Tantra.

This holistic system helps to develop the mind body and spirit. Physical body benefits are a lovely side effect rather than its purpose.

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One person pedals, the other throws a pot! This is a dream come true for us. Now we can pedal around Philly neighborhoods and invite anyone to try the potter’s wheel, and witness how creativity empowers people, who in turn empower their communities.

Discover genuine guest reviews for Unplug to This mtn Hideaway Sometimes so Elevated you are in a Choose dates to view prices Water comes from a mtn spring so be mindful of the water usage and conserve as much as possible.

In this class, learners will be using the THRIVE model by incorporating mindful games, breathing techniques and guided meditation. These methods will help learners become more aware of their thoughts and feelings in their everyday lives. Register HERE. Programs are built around proprietary model plans, designed by engineers and architects, with exciting themes such as space, construction, superheroes, Mining and Crafting, Angry Bird, Amusement park and so much more!

Bricks 4 Kidz. If you are looking for a program that offers hands-on activities and social skills development, our Social Learning Camp is right for you. M activities and Growth Mindset – Targeted opportunities to practice with peers – Sensory enhanced environment – Outdoor Learning and exploration. Ever wonder if your Autistic child is reacting to something in their diet?

Guest speaker, Dr. Cost: Free Audience: Adults over age 18 Refreshments will be served.

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Your conversations will be unscripted, tackling topics about your student experience and discover how you, our students, want to be supported, represented and be part of decision making at Southern Cross University. And the winner is. Samantha McMullan. Southern Cross University is requesting this information from you to administer this competition and for marketing purposes. By entering this competition you agree to the terms and conditions of the competition and acknowledge that the University may contact you to provide information about study opportunities.

The University will not disclose your personal information to anybody else unless we are required to do so by law — for example if the information is needed in an emergency or for law enforcement purposes.

Unplugged is a program that runs on a people-powered pottery bike, affectionately called BIKELANGELO, to bring relaxed and mindful.

Neighbors — please be mindful of social distancing guidelines while you do your part to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. See the latest guidance from the CDC here. This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own. A get-away from hectic schedules, daily chores, and routine activities. Give yourself the gift of true relaxation and deep rest with practical mindfulness tools.

In this session, we will give an introduction of breathing and meditation techniques as tools to manage mind and stress.

Digital Detox: Unplug and Reconnect with Mindfulness

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I have added a current weather tab that gives you up to date pin point weather Please be mindful that if you are going out into the ocean you will want to check out It is time to unplug, relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends!

Whether you have half an hour or 2 minutes, these meditation apps can help you relax, feel less anxious and sleep better. Meditation apps have become one of the easiest and most accessible ways to maintain a mindfulness regimen. Whether you prefer guided meditation, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises or calming sleep stories, mindfulness meditation can be a huge added benefit to your daily wellness regimen.

And don’t forget the physical benefits: Mindful meditation and deep breathing can also reduce blood pressure and improve your heart rate variability , a metric that can tell you how well you handle stress. For many people, finding the time or energy to commit to a regular practice is difficult, and though in-person visits to a meditation studio for meditation programs and guided sessions are a great option for some, for others they may not be a practical approach to consistent meditation.

With a little help from good meditation apps, zen could be as little as three minutes away. Here are the best meditation app options of to improve your mindfulness practice and relax your mind. McClintock believes that “mental fitness ,” a world in which we care for and train our minds, is the next major health revolution — and it’d be a good thing if he was right. FitMind helps you master meditation via a day mental fitness challenge complete with charts and graphs so you can visualize your progress toward mindfulness.

This mindful health iOs or Android app has daily challenges and other features typical of a meditation app, but what I really love about FitMind is that this mindfulness meditation app offers point-blank scientific explanations about why the meditations work: If you’re a meditation skeptic, FitMind might challenge your beliefs in a good way.

Read more: 7 important signs you have burnout, and how to fix it. Born after the immersive Unplug Meditation Studio in Los Angeles became a massive hit, the Unplug Meditation app offers more than mindfulness and meditation videos that range from one minute short meditations to nearly an hour.

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12 Screenless, unplugged #StayAtHome dates that beat Netflix & Chill. Ena Dahl. Follow. Apr 10 · 9 min read. Image for Mindful Dates. Read to each other.

Unplug for More Mind Fort Lauderdale wellness expert Stephanie Catalano has made being present her top priority , both in life and in business. Here, the author of three books and host of The Mindful Makeover Podcast offers advice on how to digitally detox. Add to Chrome. Sign in. News Break App. Making a conscious decision about how we want digital tech to influence our lives.

The Matrix has you, Neo. Messages that together create one version of the truth. But is it your truth? In the segment, she demonstrates how to alleviate eye strain from staring at screens all day by gently pressing your fingers over your eyes. Sebastian also recommends taking breaksespecially when working from homeby getting up and moving throughout the day.

Meditation and breathing techniques are also discussed as important ways to de-stress and be more present and mindful.

Cool idea: Hearth’s unplug boxes bring the mindful use of tech into the dining room

We too quickly forget about all we have in search for the constant more. We rarely take the time to declutter or even to simply savor a meal. Numerous studies show that people who focus on the experience of the present moment are far happier than those who are constantly multi-tasking. Practicing a lifestyle of mindfulness, simplicity and thankfulness helps to remind us of all the beauty in our present life and keep us from piling meaningless things and activities into our routines.

These 14 minimalist blogs are wonderful for helping us to get back to the basic—for remembering how to slow down and live a fulfilled life, to consume less and create more.

the world, who ate what for dinner, who’s dating who and see the latest pictures Unplug and experience life (right after you read this post) it can impact our mental health if we aren’t mindful of our thoughts surrounding it.

We invite you to enjoy an all-inclusive weekend at the beautiful Natapoc Lodges. A beautiful Washington setting in secluded woodland on the stunning Wenatchee River. Eat clean and detox your bodies from processed foods and added sugars. Use the power of breath, mindfulness, movement, and art to facilitate powerful healing. We will be practicing healing our bodies using breathwork, meditation, movement, and art!

So simple but so effective! We will be facilitating an experiential retreat where the emphasis is on your experience, personal insights and innate ability to heal. The practice allows you to move beyond your body and ego to get in touch with your true self and spirit. All meals are provided. To maximize the health benefits of detoxing from processed foods and added sugars meals will be vegan, and gluten-free. Breakfast will be light fare. Lunch and dinner will be delicious healthy organic, and non-gmo products when possible.

Yes, we will have coffee! Let us know if you have special diets or food allergies.

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